UKGC Requests Feedback on New Set of White Paper Proposals

UKGC Requests Feedback on New Set of White Paper Proposals

UKGC Requests Feedback on New Set of White Paper ProposalsThe United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is calling for consumers, licensed gambling operators, and members of the public to share their views on the second set of White Paper proposals. If implemented, the proposed changes will affect the commission’s Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) and Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards (RTS). Those who wish to respond have 12 weeks to express their opinions and make suggestions.

Gambling Commission Executive Director Tim Miller stated that the White Paper is a prime concern of the government and the UKGC, and he emphasised that feedback from “as many people as possible” is needed. According to Miller, the responses will serve to “shape gambling regulation across the country.”

This marks the second time the UKGC has turned to the gambling community with the goal of garnering responses regarding the White Paper, with the first consultation period having lasted from July to October. The proposed amendments in the first set of consultations focused primarily on the financial risks of gambling, the speed and intensity of online games of chance, the improvement of age verification measures, and more. The commission is in the process of analysing the received feedback.

The UKGC is Considering Imposing Restrictions on Gambling Promotions

The UKGC is Considering Imposing Restrictions on Gambling PromotionsThe first topic covered in this round of proposals has to do with promotions that offer free bets and other bonuses to consumers. As it stands, lawmakers are asking for feedback on potential amendments that will either prohibit wagering requirements, or impose limitations on how they can be used. A ban on the mixing of product types is also among the suggestions. The measures aim to ensure that such incentives are implemented with social responsibility in mind.

Consumer-led tools are also addressed, with the commission consulting on plans to introduce changes to the RTS. The said amendments will require companies to ensure that responsible gambling tools can be enabled by users easily and “with the minimum of friction.”

The UKGC’s White Paper proposals also have a section dedicated to insolvency. Namely, a suggestion has been made for licensed operators to be required to give their clients reminders that user funds will not be protected if a given company were to become insolvent.

Next, the commission explained that it is considering making it a requirement for all licensed entities to submit their regulatory returns on a quarterly basis. Currently, there are licensees that only send return submissions once per year.

Last but not least, the UKGC addressed the government’s plans to implement a statutory levy that will affect all gambling companies that are licensed to operate in the UK. Once this statutory levy comes into effect, it will render a certain UKGC rule obsolete. This refers to the current LCCP requirement for licensees to, on an annual basis, contribute financially to entities that provide research, prevention and treatment (RET). The commission is, therefore, planning on doing away with the requirement, as the statutory levy would serve as its replacement.

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Daniel Williams

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