The Lottery Corporation Asks Australian Government to Exempt It from Forthcoming Ban on Credit Card Gambling Transactions

The Lottery Corporation Asks Australian Government to Exempt It from Forthcoming Ban on Credit Card Gambling Transactions

Australian operator The Lottery Corporation has asked the competent authorities to grant it an exemption from the upcoming gambling overhaul. The company has argued that lotteries are characterised by a low-harm profile in contrast with other forms of gambling and has insisted on having its lottery tickets and scratch cards exempt from the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill.

As previously reported by Casino Guardian, the planned regulatory changes in the country’s gambling sector aim at providing better protection for local customers who will be no longer allowed to use credit cards for gambling transactions. The upcoming overhaul is expected to significantly change the gambling landscape in Australia.

Earlier in 2023, the Australian Government unveiled a proposition for a number of major changes to the country’s Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Under the recommended changes, local customers will be banned from using credit cards to pay for their gambling. As per previous reports, the proposed legislative amendment has been unveiled as part of a broader effort aimed at promoting responsible gambling to Australian customers.

The planned overhaul has so far been supported by the former parent company of The Lottery Corporation, Tabcorp, which has agreed that fighting constantly increasing problem gambling rates was a matter of paramount importance.

Australia’s Federal Government Remains Focused on Planned Gambling Legislation Overhaul

The latest updates to ID requirements for online gamblers have been unveiled as the first significant milestone on the way to a safer, fairer, and more responsible gambling sector. The legislative measure is aimed at tackling gambling among underage individuals and reducing gambling harm, protecting consumers from operators that may be willing to take advantage of them.

Some of the leading Australian lawmakers have backed the proposed gambling legislation overhaul, saying that the planned reforms and regulatory update would navigate the sector through the challenges associated with the process.

The Australian Commonwealth Government has become more focused on ensuring that, in their turn, local jurisdictions also unveil some actions that are in line with the measures enforced by the Federal Government.

Sue van der Merwe, the chief executive officer of The Lottery Corporation, approached the Senate to ask for the company’s lotteries to be exempt from the upcoming ban on the use of credit cards and digital wallets for online gambling transactions. As mentioned above, the company has argued that the potential harm associated with lottery products and services is much lower than the one associated with other forms of gambling.

The request made by The Lottery Corporation’s boss probably reflects the company’s concerns that the enforcement of stricter regulatory rules may have a negative effect on the company’s balance sheet. However, the measure has already faced broad support across the industry. Responsible Wagering Australia – the body that currently represents some of the leading operators in Australia – released a statement in support of the planned changes.

The Lottery Corporation’s recently filed request for an exemption from the forthcoming ban on the use of credit cards for gambling transactions once again puts the ongoing debate regarding gambling regulations in Australia in the spotlight. As discussions around responsible gambling measures in the country continue, the decision of whether to give the much-wanted exemption to the lottery service provider will be closely monitored by industry stakeholders and may considerably affect some policies that are set to be unveiled in the future.

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