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Star Entertainment Refuses to Justify Decision to Ban Several Poker Players from Its Casino Premises

Star Entertainment is still trying to recover from the negative effects that a number of regulatory failures and the massive fines originating from the company’s lack of compliance with Australia’s anti-money laundering policies. Currently, the casino giant seems to be making adjustments in its operations so that it is arbitrarily suspending poker players from accessing its casinos without any specific reason.

The issue was brought to life by the founder of the Australian Poker Schedule platform and also a poker player Craig Abernethy. Earlier this week, Mr Abernethy officially created a petition on change.org which he hopes to be able to make Star Entertainment change its stance by getting widespread support across the country. If this does not happen, public attention could hopefully make the Australian gambling giant share the actual motives behind the ban.

So far, Star Entertainment has said that it does not have to state a reason to implement certain restrictions and noted that players who try to access a Star property may be arrested.

In his change.org petition, the Australian Poker Schedule platform creator shared that no less than six poker players have been banned from entering Star Entertainment’s casino premises over the past year. In all of the suspension cases, the gambling company has utterly refused to explain its decision or offer a solution that would see the players avoid the ban.

Some Poker Players Put in the Same Group as Alleged Money Launderers, Reports Say

Mr Abernethy has shared that an unnamed source at Star Entertainment unofficially confirmed that the gambling giant’s position originates from the fact that certain players have transferred large amounts of money, which is why they have been put in the same group as alleged money launderers.

Unfortunately, the Australian casino behemoth seems unwilling to work with its patrons to find a mutually beneficial solution to the issue. At the time they got in contact with the company, the players were told that the operator was not obliged to justify its decision for the exclusions or to provide any reasons for it. According to market experts, Star Entertainment could have easily resolved the problem by asking its customers to provide more details on their source of funds.

Mr Abernethy revealed that a number of poker community members have tried to initiate further talks with the company on one hand, and the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and some officials from the Queensland Government, on the other hand. However, for the time being, their efforts remain unsuccessful.

Australian gambling company’s decision to suspend some of its customers from entering its casino premises has had immediate consequences for the players. Currently, one of the most significant poker events on a global scale – the World Poker Tour (WPT) – is in Australia, with Star Entertainment being the Tour’s exclusive partner.

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