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NSW Independent Casino Commission Does Not Object to Star Sydney Resuming Free Alcohol Serving to VIP Customers

The Star Sydney resumed free alcohol offering for its most affluent customers, although the controversial practice was temporarily put on hold amid the Bell probe into the company’s operations. The casino operator will serve free alcoholic drinks only to so-called VIP customers.

As Casino Guardian previously reported, the Bell probe into the Australian casino giant’s operations and services put the practice on hold at its Sydney casino venue. The Commissioner’s inquiry unveiled that some of the casino’s customers used to receive free alcohol as an inducement to stay in the venue and spend more money on the company’s gambling services. Of course, that was not the only issue flagged by the probe.

In addition to the aforementioned finding, the probe carried out by Commissioner Bell, the results of which were officially announced in 2022, showed that the casino and gambling company was found unfit to hold a casino operating permit. Still, Star Entertainment received a chance to make things right by implementing certain changes to its operations across the country so that it discontinues foul practices and ensures compliance with Australian gambling laws and the provisions of its own casino licence.

Recently, a new report suggested that the Sydney-based casino of Star Entertainment has resumed serving free alcoholic drinks to so-called high-roller customers. The Australian claims that the matter was already subject to discussions between the operator and the NSW Independent Casino Commission. The statutory authority confirmed that the casino operator voluntarily stopped serving free alcohol to its visitors amid the Government probe into its operations. However, Star Entertainment had approached the regulator and asked on multiple occasions for permission to bring back the practice to its Sydney casino.

Star Sydney Resumes Serving Free Alcoholic Drinks to High-Rollers Following Bell’s Inquiry Report

According to reports, the NSW Independent Casino Commission did not object to the casino operator’s request to resume free alcohol serving but noted that the practice would be allowed only under certain conditions.

It is important to note that while the Star Sydney resumed serving free alcoholic drinks to high-roller customers, it would not be permitted to do so in the main gaming area. In fact, this is in line with the regulatory authority’s view on the matter, especially considering the fact that the NICC has taken into account the fact that the gambling operator had ceased the practice voluntarily after the Bell Report was released.

The Independent Casino Commission of New South Wales noted that it will continue to closely monitor the matter in the months to come. Eventually, it also reminded local gambling operators that they are expected to make sure their operations comply with state and federal gambling legislation.

The announcement comes after late in August 2023, the Australian gambling giant announced a statutory net loss amounting to AU$2.44 billion as part of its financial results for the 2023 financial year. The company, however, reiterated its intention to remain committed to enhancing its safer gambling and anti-money laundering policies and changing its management practices for the better.

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