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National Lottery Current and Future Licence Holders Join Forces to Guarantee Smooth Licence Transition

The incoming licence holder for the fourth licence of the National Lottery (NL) – Allwyn – has announced a comprehensive plan to help NL retailers ahead of the upcoming operator’s change that is set to take place on February 1st, 2024.

Under the existing arrangements, all Retailer Agreements are currently signed with Camelot. However, Allwyn is scheduled to take over the operating duties of the National Lottery in a little over half a year, so retailers will have to transfer their agreements electronically to the new holder of the NL operating permit by December 18th, 2023. This process will make a smooth transition between the licence holders because retailers will be able to continue the provision and offering of National Lottery services without being interrupted.

As it was officially revealed, the new licence holder is set to assist National Lottery retailers in electronically transferring their deals from Camelot to Allwyn through an online portal. As part of the process, retailers will also be visited by Camelot Retail Sales Executives who are set to explain the most significant changes and address any questions that may be associated with the process before the new agreements are signed.

Under the provisions of the new Retailer Agreement, commission levels for National Lottery scratchcards, draw-based games, and prize payments will remain unchanged. All games’ payment terms will not be changed, as well. Furthermore, all Direct Debit mandates and bonds that have already been established between Camelot and National Lottery retailers will be automatically transferred to NL’s new licence holder.

The Retail Director of Allwyn, Katharine Challinor, expressed gratitude to the National Lottery retailers for their long-term support and praised them for the major role they play in raising about £30 million every week with the sum being granted to good causes across the country.

Retail Sail Executive Agreements to Be Transferred to Allwyn by December 18th, 2023

As previously reported by Casino Guardian, Camelot and its successor Allwyn have created a detailed six-month schedule to ensure a smooth transition between the old and the new licence holders. The timeline includes ongoing site surveys that are set to be carried out by Momentum In-store by the end of September. Apart from that, pre-planned EuroMillions and Lotto event draws are set to take place, with National Lottery Christmas events also being scheduled, along with the offering of festive scratchcards and special event draws.

All of these events are aimed at sustaining the strong performance of the National Lottery by the end of its third licence period.

The holder of the fourth National Lottery operating permit revealed that retailers can expect to receive the “Welcome to Allwyn” pack in the New Year after their agreements transfer deadline on December 18th comes to an end. The pack will contain more details about the upcoming changes that are expected to take place as of February 1st, 2024, along with some information about new and improved National Lottery games that are set to be launched in March next year. Retailers will also receive some details about the digital training they are required to hold ahead of the licence holder change.

As Casino Guardian previously reported, in September 2022, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) selected Allwyn as the preferred company to assume the operation of the UK National Lottery for the next 10 years. Since then, the company has taken over the business of the NL’s current licence holder, Camelot UK, which has been the only operator of the National Lottery since the service started operation in 1994.

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