Crown Resorts Launches Carded Play Measures for Problem Gambling Prevention

Crown Resorts Launches Carded Play Measures for Problem Gambling Prevention

Crown Resorts Launches Carded Play Measures for Problem Gambling PreventionCrown Resorts has fully integrated an innovative carded play system into the electronic gaming machines of its Melbourne-based casino. This technology makes it compulsory for players to set up limits that will assist them in gambling responsibly.

Crown Melbourne is the first gambling business to implement this specific type of responsible gambling technology when it comes to electronic gaming machines. The aim of the carded play measures is to prevent gambling harm, and they are set to be introduced to all electronic gaming machines across the state of Victoria.

As detailed in the company’s media release, the carded play technology involves the YourPlay pre-commitment scheme of Victoria, and it essentially requires all patrons to get a Crown Player Card if they plan on playing games of chance on electronic gaming machines. Limits on how much money a person can lose while playing, as well as restrictions on how long they can play for, are some of the technology’s specific features.

Tracking will become a core aspect of gameplay due to how clients will be issued Player Activity Statements. The cards will also assist the casino’s PlaySafe staff to monitor players who could be at risk. Last but not least, each card will provide information on how players can gamble responsibly and contact organisations that assist those suffering from problem gambling.

Carded Play Will Significantly Improve Player Safety

Carded Play Will Significantly Improve Player SafetyCiaran Carruthers, CEO of Crown Resorts, stated that Crown aims to operate the “safest casinos in the world,” and he expressed pride in the company’s introduction of this innovative technology. According to Mr Carruthers, carded play is the start of a “new era of transparency and commitment,” and that patrons will be able to enjoy a better and safer gambling experience.

Crown Melbourne CEO Mike Volkert also celebrated the launch, emphasising Crown Melbourne’s dedication to ensuring that patrons can enjoy gambling while trusting that there are safeguards set in place to protect them. He also noted that the carded system is one of multiple gambling reforms that the gambling company is planning to implement.

Mr Carruthers’s future as chief executive is currently uncertain, however. The launch of the carded play system follows an announcement by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) that, as reported by The Australian Financial Review, the regulator has launched an investigation into violations that he has allegedly commited. The CEO has been accused of using his authority to let clients who had been removed by Crown Melbourne’s security staff back into the casino’s premises. Crown Resorts is also conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

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